Peter Bersani

Peter Bersani is a trained chef and Winemaker. Originally from Boston USA he’s called New Zealand home for more than 25 years.   He and his wife Fiona started a number of classic eateries around the South Island including the Cider Garden, the Good street Deli, the Blue Rooster and Coop Bar and Pizzeria.

Peter has a keen interest in New Zealand history and enjoys a close connection to the nation’s past through Fiona’s family.  Lake MacKenzie on the Routeburn track was named after her great grandfather who was a surveyer and early fiordland explorer who helped start the conservation movement in New Zealand and even did a stint as Prime Minister.

Peter guides a mix of hiking, cycling and wine tours and as a foodie ensures the dining on his trips is second to none.  An avid skier, hiker and mountain biker he loves getting out onto the many trails around his adopted home of Queenstown and throughout the South Island.  Also a collector of contemporary New Zealand art and a craft beer enthusiast he loves sharing his favourite places and flavours of his adopted country with others.  When not guiding he can be found out on the back roads of Central Otago behind the wheel of his classic Alfa Romeo smiling from ear to ear.

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