Kate Wilkins

As a qualified scuba diving instructor, Kate is our Trip Leader for this unique nature experience.  She will also be sharing her love of yoga by giving inspirational and relaxing yoga classes for those guests who are interested to join her.

Originally from South Australia, but more a citizen of the world, Kate is equally at home on land or water and enjoys nothing more than showing off the natural wonders of this remote Tongan island group.

While Kate is a scuba instructor, she loves the freedom that snorkelling offers.   No equipment, no noise – you will be sharing the sea on equal terms with these magnificent humpback whales.  With Kate’s extensive diving experience, you will also find yourself learning & interacting so much more than merely being a passive observer.

Kate has spent 6 months living in Tonga immersing herself in the culture, connecting with local people and guiding swims with Humpback Whales. Her fun loving personality makes Kate an ideal travel companion and Trip Leader. Her connections with local people in the places we visit ensures you will experience the native culture in an authentic way.

She is an experienced Yoga Leader having practiced for over 16 years, creating mindful and reflective practices with instructors in the jungles of Nicaragua to the desert outback of Australia. With experience in Vinyasa and Yin Yoga, she creates a deep and grounding practice that integrates the majesty of our whale swim, connecting to the inner self and offering indulgent relaxation.

An outspoken advocate for the ocean ecosystem, you will often find Kate removing plastic from the shore and underwater to help raise awareness of the plight our oceans face. Kate’s other interests include sea kayaking, hiking and snowboarding. When not guiding tours Kate spends her time tripping around New Zealand’s back roads with “Doris” (her campervan).

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